Michel Chrétien


Michel was traubes as endocrinilogist, but made most of his scientific discoveries in basic sciences. In 1967, he proposed the prohormone theory and in 1990 he discovered the proprotein convertases (PCSK). He has recently studied hypercholesterolemic mutations in PCSK9 in French-Canadian families who are protected against cardiovascular accidents

Research Program

His recent interest is to verify if an unmatched cohorte of French-Canadian present with extremely low plasma LDL Cholesterol lay both cardiovascular, and Alzheimer/dementia.

Michel Chrétien Ph.D.
Institut De Recherche Clinique De Montreal ,IRCM
110 av. des Pins Ouest
Montréal, Québec
Canada H2W 1R7
Bureau : 1640-2
(514) 987-5664
(514) 898-4067
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