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Nancy Azevedo


Dr Nancy Azevedo obtained a bachelor's degree, major in psychology with a minor in linguistics, as well as a doctorate (fast-track) in Rehabilitation Sciences from McGill University. Her doctoral research focused on the study and description of linguistic changes at the level of lexical processing that occur with healthy aging and the onset of Alzheimer's disease using complementary approaches (behavioural psycholinguistic methodologies and electroencephalography / event-related potentials)

Research Program

Nancy is working on various projects related to reading and visual/ auditory word recognition with numerous monolingual and bi-multilingual populations (young adults, healthy older adults, people in a minimally conscious state, people with mild cognitive impairment or Alzheimer's disease) using diverse methodologies including behavioural psycholinguistic tasks, electroencephalography/ event-related potentials, eye tracking, and virtual reality.
One project extends her doctoral work to French, to explore the effects of language background (being monolingual versus bilingual or multilingual) on lexical processing. Another project aims to norm Canadian French sentences to be used in N400 research with behaviourally unresponsive individuals. A third project examines lexical processing of text messages at the effects of reading text messages (on mobile telephone) and the effects of receiving text messages on collision avoidance in a virtual environment.

Nancy Azevedo Ph.D.
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