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Florian Chouchou


After a Ph.D. in Neuroscience at the INSERM U879 Unit in Lyon (France) where I studied autonomic reactivity during sleep, I worked 2 years on the impact of sleep deprivation at the University of Montreal (2011-2013). Bulding with this experience, I worked at the Neuroscience Research Center in Lyon (INSERM, CNRS, 2013-2017), on the autonomic reactivity to pain and its modulation by high-level cognitive activities. Today, I work on sleep, autonomic regulation and the non-pharmacological intervention effect in patients with sleep disorders.

Research Program

My research focuses on the central control of autonomic nervous system, its relationship to cardiovascular health, in healthy subjects and patients with sleep or pain disorders.

Sleep and cognitive health Laboratory, Pr. Dang-Vu

Florian Chouchou Ph.D.
Centre de recherche, IUGM
4545 chemin Queen-Mary
Montréal, Québec
Canada H3W 1W5
Bureau : M5826
(514) 340-3540
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