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Livia Pinheiro Carvalho


Dr Pinheiro-Carvalho graduated from Physiotherapy (2009) at Federal University of Sao Carlos (Brazil) and completed her Doctoral degree in Physiotherapy (Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy Laboratory, 2017) in the same institution. Her PhD thesis was based on the characterization and comparison of muscle function, functional and cardiorespiratory capacities of obese adults with metabolic syndrome or metabolically healthy obese. She pursued a Specialization Program of Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy at the University of Sao Paulo in 2010 and a Residency in Physiotherapy in Emergency and Intensive Care at the Catholic University of Campinas in 2011-2012. During her PhD, she pursued a one-year doctoral internship (2015-2016) in the Department of Physical Activity Sciences at the Université du Québec à Montréal (Canada) where she studied the role of different types of physical activity programs on functional capacity and body composition of sarcopenic/dynapenic and/or obese older adults and at-risk populations, such as subjects with spinal cord injury. She is currently supported by the Fonds de Recherche Santé Québec (FRQS) to pursue her post-doctoral studies at the Université du Québec à Montréal / McGill.

Research Program

Physiological and functional aspects of obesity and metabolic disorders as well as their characterization during aging (including the transition to menopause in women) and the effect of physical exercise on these components.
Keywords: Muscle function, muscle quality, dynapenia, sarcopenia, obesity, metabolic syndrome, functional capacity and cardiorespiratory capacity.

Livia Pinheiro Carvalho Ph.D.
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