Using UKBiobank to study chronic pain

Conférencier : Etienne Vachon-Presseau, PhD, Assistant professor, Faculty of Dentristy, Mcgill University

There was a substantial progress lately in development of integrated publicly available datasets of substantial sample size. One of such dataset is UK BioBank. Here, I will discuss some examples about how large-scale phenotype-genotype-brain studies can provides new insights about chronic pain. The accessibility to larger cohorts of patients provides unprecedented opportunities to test and modernize the biopsychosocial framework, especially from the lens of a spectrum, where pain is studied from single site to overlapping conditions. Here, I will discuss specific examples about how to leverage the UK Biobank dataset (about 500,000 individuals; 45-75 y.o.) to study biomarkers or derive predictive models from self-reported questionnaires.

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