Anxiety in seniors: better understanding for better intervention

Speakers Sébastien Grenier, researcher at the CRIUGM, professor at the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Université de Montréal. Director of the Laboratory for the Study of Anxiety and Depression in Geriatrics (LEADER).

Many older adults suffer from anxiety that can interfere with their daily functioning. Studies have suggested that the presence of anxiety may increase the risk of depression and cognitive impairment. It is therefore important not to overlook the presence of anxiety during the management of an elderly person, regardless of the reasons for consultation. During this lecture, I will present the clinical features of geriatric anxiety as well as the treatments that have been found to be effective by making links with the studies conducted in our laboratory. In addition, I will present the objectives of the VIEsÂGE program VIEsÂGE (VIvrE sans Anxiété pour les personnes âGÉes), a new knowledge transfer platform that we are developing.

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The presentation will be in french