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FRQS chair

Research Chair in Creative Economy and Well-Being

The Chair brings together some forty researchers from ten Quebec universities, as well as numerous practitioners and artists. Its mission is to document and support creative activities aimed at improving the well-being of individuals and communities in different environments. She will provide the team with an environment conducive to the advancement of knowledge and cultural innovation, as well as playing a leadership role in the field by organizing scientific activities promoting the networking and advancement of knowledge.

Canada Research Chair Level 1

Habib Bénali
Biomedical imaging and healthy aging
(chairholder : H. Benali)

Mission : to propose an integrated biomedical approach, from the modeling of brain activity dynamics to the physiological model observed by neuroimaging.

Cognitive neuroscience of aging and brain plasticity (chairholder : S. Belleville)

Mission : to study how memory and the brain change and adapt with age with the ultimate goal of developing strategies to prevent diseases associated with aging.

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Physical Activity to Improve Seniors’ Life/Care Trajectory
(chairholder : M. Aubertin-Leheudre)

Mission: To elucidate the physiological processes involved in muscle loss (age vs. sedentary lifestyle) and implement non-pharmacological solutions, such as exercise prescriptions in healthcare settings.

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Canada Research Chair Level 2

Canada Research Chair in Care for Older People (chairholder: Anne Bourbonnais)

Mission : to improve the well-being of older people living with a major neurocognitive disorder in long-term care homes, their care partners and formal caregivers.

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Systems neuroscience and cognitive neuroimaging (chairholder : K. Jerbi)

Mission : to increase the understanding of cortical communications and brain network dynamics.

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Julien Cohen-Adad
Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging (chairholder : J. Cohen-Adad)

Mission : to develop new technologies capable of revealing with even greater precision the complex architecture of the human nervous system. For example, by using highly detailed biophysical models in conjunction with advanced image processing tools, it is possible to “see” the health of our neurons from simple MRI scans.

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Philanthropic Chairs

Research Chair in Nursing Care for Older People and their Families (chairholder: Anne Bourbonnais)

Mission : to contribute to the well-being and improvement of the quality of life of older people and their care partners.

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Caroline Durand Foundation Chair in Hearing and Aging (chairholder : Adriana Lacerda, François Champoux)

Mission : this chair aims to minimize the consequences of hearing loss, reduce the isolation of people affected by it, optimize communication between them and thus improve their quality of life.

Mirella and Lino Saputo Chair in Cardiovascular Health and Prevention of Cognitive Disorders (chairholder : L. Bherer)

Mission : to improve our understanding of cognitive disorders, to develop curative and preventive approaches and to understand the effects that physical exercise can have on cardiovascular health in order to develop intervention programs to slow or halt the progression of cognitive disorders.

Raquel Fonseca
Research Chair on Intergenerational Economic Issues (chairholder : R. Fonseca)

Mission : the Chair contributes to the advancement of scientific knowledge and provides decision-makers with enlightening analyses of the intergenerational economic issues related to demographic change.

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Thien-Thanh, Dang-Vu
Concordia University Chair in Sleep, Neuroimaging and Cognitive Health (chairholder : T. Dang-Vu)

Mission : to better understand the mechanisms of sleep disorders and their impact on cognition, as well as to test the effect of sleep interventions on brain health and cognitive decline associated with aging, using a multimodal approach that combines neuroimaging, neurophysiology and behavioral assessments.

Courtois III Chair in Fundamental Neuroscience

Mission : the first few years will be devoted to improving understanding of the influence of biological sex on the representation of language in the brain, i.e. its influence on the functional and structural cerebral networks of language. Subsequently, Simona Brambati will focus on automated speech analysis to better understand differences in cognitive profiles between individuals and between biological sexes.

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