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CAREC committee

At the service of clinical research expertise and its sharing.

The Advisory Committee for Clinical Research (CAREC) aims to promote the creation of privileged links between the actors of research and clinical services of the University Institute of Geriatrics of Montreal (IUGM) and of the SAPA program at the CIUSSS CSMTL as well as to promote sharing expertise between clinicians and researchers.


  • An organization that brings together actors from different clinical and research sectors
  • CAREC is above all a forum for exchange between clinicians and researchers, in order to promote the development of projects stemming from clinical needs, which directly benefit the health of the elderly.

The CAREC committee is made up of:

  • Researchers from the different research axes of CRIUGM
  • Representatives of all clinical sectors as well as managers of the IUGM.

With the objective of promoting the networking of clinical and research communities, several activities are organized by CAREC, including:

  • Exchange forum between clinical and research communities
  • CRIUGM-CAREC Scientific Day
  • CAREC competition

The main objective of the CAREC competitions is to promote collaborations between researchers, clinicians and managers from different disciplines on projects that meet clinical needs and aim to improve the health of the elderly.

CAREC’s mission is thus to support interdisciplinary research activities by facilitating networking between actors in research and clinical settings, the exchange and application of knowledge and the training of the next generation. It is this privileged liaison mechanism that makes it possible to bridge the gap between the research activities and the care of the University Institute of Geriatrics of Montreal.

Funding for CAREC is provided through the generous contribution of CRIUGM and the Foundation of the Montreal Geriatric Institute (FIGM).

Project proposals as well as any questions or comments should be sent to the following address:

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