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Clinical research

Serving society today and tomorrow

Our present and future successes are the reflection of the passion and work of many research teams in discovering or verifying the effects of new interventions to improve the health of seniors.

In this context, CRIUGM ensures that it offers an appropriate infrastructure to professionals working in the various research areas and promotes the development of effective and relevant research.

First, the Clinical Research Advisory Committee (CAREC) encourages research that involves close collaboration with clinical settings in order to have an impact on the care and quality of life of seniors.
Then, the Research Ethics Board (REB) helps to ensure that this research meets the highest ethical standards and that the greatest protection is provided to participants who serve as human subjects.

The CRIUGM continues to provide scientific leadership as its ultimate interest is to make internal resources more accessible to researchers, students, clinicians, care managers, policy makers, prospective patients and the general public.

There are many types of clinical research:

  • Understanding the causes and impacts of disease;
  • Means of prevention;
  • Screening and diagnosis of diseases;
  • Interventions and treatments to improve patient independence and quality of life.
  • Each study aims to answer scientific questions and find better treatments to cure or lessen the effects of disease.

Do not hesitate to contact a member of the clinical research team for more information.

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