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Jarema Gonia


Contact information

Centre de recherche, IUGM 4545 chemin Queen-Mary Montréal, Québec Canada H3W 1W5 Bureau : M5825
(514) 340-3540 #4138


Gonia Jarema earned her Ph.D. in Linguistics (neuropsycholinguistics) from the U. of Montreal. She is currently Professor at the Department of Linguistics of the U. of Montreal and teaches psycho- and neurolinguistics. She holds the position of Researcher at the Research Center of the IUGM since 1982 and heads its Language, Communication and Aging Unit and the Mental Lexicon Lab.

Research interests

The goal of Gonia Jarema’s research is to elucidate the cognitive processes set in motion during lexical processing, as well as to study the links between the functional architecture of the mental lexicon and the organization of the brain underlying it, in people who have a language impairment and in non brain-damaged individuals